ONE started as a band with drummer Randy Musser and Michael in the mid-1980s in Phoenix, Arizona. In reality, it was a borderline “praise” band, and the song “Lure of the Piper” was played on KSTM (the Storm 107) for several months in rotation and the 45 was sold at Zia Records. Do you know the song on the flip side? A Phoenix-area band leased the name “One” in 1989 for 5 years for $1, but the members did not renew.

Michael also created the Element 115 show in the valley in the early 2000’s with his family. The band featured an ET drummer on a video wall, and an EXTENSIVE lighting and effects show. Roswell loved it, as Element 115 opened for Alan Parsons and WAR in 2007, and was the main event in 2008 at the Roswell UFO Festivals.

Taking the process just ONE step further, Michael decided to have an entire band on the video wall. In addition, he played all the instruments and sang all the vocals in that band which appears on the video wall. Why not? Just because it HASN’T been done doesn’t mean it SHOULDN’T be done, right?

Still playing the great classic rock songs of the 70s, 80s & 90s, ONE truly is somewhere between a live band, a DJ, and CLONING.

The video showing the creation of the act is viewable here. To book, contact Ultramedia.

Sometimes the backup band just has a bass and drum setup. The band adjusts to the song.

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