ONE Show Ready To Go!

The ONE show has been in design since September of 2016, but couldn’t get started with production until April of 2017. The coordination of recording all of the parts for all of the songs in both video and audio was quite a feat! I understand why no one has done this before.

Starting with the bearded drummer, all 45 songs were recorded on the TrapKat using Superior Drummer software in Pro-Tools. After that, a shave of the sideburns and a change of clothing, and it was time to record 45 tracks of bass. Then, another shave to the VanDyke style, and a different suit and tie, and it was time to record the guitarist/keyboardist in action. I had never played some of the instruments to some of these songs, but 90%+ were recorded in ONE TAKE. The gloms and errors were minimal, but kept in the recordings for an authentic LIVE BAND feel to the show.

After recording all the video, I had to re-record the background vocals without the ambient noise always present when recording video. After recording only the right voices to the right characters in the band who sang the parts on video, I had to sync all these video tracks in Final Cut Pro to produce the final videos used in the show.

Be sure to check out ONE when it comes to YOUR neighborhood!


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