Arizona UFO Tours

While we’re searching for a new venue, I thought I’d introduce you to Arizona UFO Tours. When you want to see spaceships, and get no “woo-woo” in the process, The Sedona UFO Tour Guide™ is the one to make the deal with.

Arizona UFO Tours will put your hands on a $4,000 night vision technology that will blow your mind. You know the 4 stars that make up the Big Dipper cup? You can see over 50 stars in that cup with these goggles. Your Sedona UFO Tour Guide™ will also explain anything on any topic. This is possible because of his 1st-hand, face-to-face contact with ETs. Ask him anything! It’ll be amazing!

Make your reservation with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide™ at Arizona UFO Tours in Sedona!


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