A One Man Band

I’ve been researching the web, and one-man bands are usually someone who plays 2 or more instruments at one time. Well, I’ve been playing keyboards with one hand, and guitar with the other for decades, but I never considered myself a one-man band!

Indeed, I didn’t figure out how I could be a one man band until the re-creation of ONE.

By the way, have you noticed that ONE is in the middle of Terranomaly? It’s almost as cool as LOVE being in the middle of Revolution. This is the new logo for everything that I will be doing regarding the future of Terranomaly. I will definitely be releasing a new album with the message reiterated (in fact the same songs will be included with a different under-structure), but it just may up being a double album, with BE HAPPY included all in one release.

Now, Terranomaly may include guests on some of the tracks, so be sure to check out the release when it becomes available. There will only be incredibly talented people involved, who know their instruments, so don’t be misdirected by imitators.


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